Who we partner with

Who we partner with

BC Acceleration Network

Innovate BC designs, develops and implements the BC Venture Acceleration Program in conjunction with our delivery partners who make up the BC Acceleration Network (BCAN). Our partners have well-established relationships with Innovate BC, and with the communities and stakeholders they serve. Innovate BC is committed to building and enhancing these partner relationships to support its strategic goals. Our BCAN partners are:

Industry Partners

Innovate BC’s office is located in downtown Vancouver, in close proximity to several key technology industry associations and other complementary organizations. Being located in such an environment, while maintaining our regional networks, allows us to collaborate on exciting opportunities. We partner, through funding, expertise, connections, and communications, with the following organizations:

Academic Partners

Innovate BC partners with B.C. post-secondary institutions in delivering strategies that:

  • Encourage the development, application and commercialization of advanced or innovative technologies.
  • Support entrepreneurship and the development of entrepreneurial talent.
  • Facilitate partnerships between industry and academia to solve real-world problems through direct and applied research.

Innovate BC currently works with the following academic institutions: