Innovator Skills Initiative

Innovator Skills Initiative

About the program

Innovator Skills Initiative

Due to high demand, our waitlist has reached capacity and we are no longer processing new Innovator Skills Initiative applications. We will be reopening the call for applications this summer, which will be informed by learnings with the BIPOC and community stakeholders to optimize inclusivity. We do have other funding opportunities available. If you are specifically looking to hire a student, check out the Digital Skills for Youth Program.

Program eligibility

You are:

  • A tech company or tech non-profit hiring for a business or tech role, or
  • A non-tech business or non-profit hiring for a tech role.
  • Hiring a post-secondary student from an accredited institution in BC.

Your student:

  • Is not a co-op student.
  • Will be hired for a business or technical role.
  • Is enrolled at an accredited post secondary institution in BC.

You agree to:

  • Offer entrepreneurial and business training to the student.
  • Match grant funding in cash or a combination of cash and up to 25% in kind.
  • Complete required surveys and comply with the terms of the funding.

Can the Innovate BC ISI grants be stacked with other funding?

Yes, other sources of funding can be used as the cash match, so long as the total amount of grants does not exceed the student’s salary, and the funding is allocated for the student’s salary.

Are international students eligible?

Yes, international students are eligible if they are currently enrolled at an accredited post-secondary institution in BC and will be working in BC.

If a student is hired on a contract, rather than as an employee, is the placement still eligible for a grant?

Yes. Any employment that meets legal standards and is compliant with the BC Employment Standards Act is accepted.

What if the student is a recent graduate and not a current BC student, are they still eligible?

The student must be currently enrolled in a B.C. post-secondary institution.

Can students be enrolled at a private post-secondary?

Yes, as long as the post-secondary institution is accredited under the governing bodies of B.C. If you are in doubt, please check with New Ventures BC for confirmation.

Looking for more information?

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