AI Justice Challenge

AI Justice Challenge

Innovate BC, the Ministry of Citizens' Services and the Ministry of Attorney General have partnered to host BC's first-ever AI Justice Challenge.

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AI Justice Challenge

The Justice Sector is considered ripe for AI solutions, and the Ministry of Attorney General wants to actively engage the innovator community to help solve their business challenges with AI. These solutions would provide the public with better access to the justice system, allowing citizens to navigate their legal matters more quickly, easily, and affordably. The AI Justice Challenge offers a huge opportunity for both government and the innovation community to collaborate on solving problems that impact millions of people across the province.

Why get involved?

The benefits for innovators include: 

  • Opportunities to demonstrate AI expertise and technology in a controlled setting that provides access to data and resources from a provincial government ministry
  • Potential for contracts to deliver production applications and act as a springboard to business opportunities in other jurisdictions
  • Opportunity to grow your business and have government as a potential partner, customer and reference

Benefits for government include:

  • Quick delivery of proof-of-concept solutions that can be funded through to production
  • Potential for powerful solutions that dramatically improve user experience, as well as increase internal efficiency
  • Partner with industry to stimulate business growth and job creation

Benefits for B.C. include:

  • Solutions that will help create a more streamlined, efficient, and accessible experience for B.C. residents who are going through a legal process

Challenge Details

The Ministry of Attorney General is seeking five different AI solutions:

  • Smart Online Guide: an aid to help someone complete forms easily and correctly, aids to respond to citizens in their preferred language, or aids to converse
  • Intelligent Reviewer: a system that can intelligently parse a document and retrieve salient and relevant points quickly
  • Online Justice Chatbot: smart guide AI to provide legal information or guidance to matters OR processes involving probate, wills and estates planning
  • Auto Transcriber: faster, cheaper transcription
  • Smart Court Inquirer: an online inquiry or interactive platform for choosing terms, tracking trial processes, or generating basic information for judgements; needs to include a virtual or augmented reality for way finding and simulation

For more information and to apply for one of the challenges, head to BCBid and search for the following:

  • Smart Online Guide Challenge
    •  RFQ ON-003240 Smart Online Guide
  • Intelligent Reviewer Challenge
    • RFQ ON-003241 Intelligent Reviewer
  • Online Justice Chatbot Challenge
    • RFQ ON-003242 Online Justice Chatbot
  • Auto Transcriber Challenge
    • RFQ ON-003244 AI Auto Transcriber
  • Smart Court Inquirer Challenge
    • RFQ ON-003245 AI Smart Court Inquirer

Key Dates

  • Respondents’ Meeting: August 20, 2018
  • Submissions close: August 31, 2018 at 2PM PST
  • Finalists chosen and invited to AI Challenge Event: September 17, 2018
  • AI Challenge: October 1-12, 2018
  • What’s Next in AI event: October 1, 2018

Challenge Process 

  • Stage 1: Applications submitted and reviewed
  • Stage 2: Finalists chosen and invited to AI Challenge
  • Stage 3: AI Challenge; finalists have two weeks to develop and demo proof of concept
  • Stage 4: Short-listed finalists go through a 16-week “Residency Stage” to develop minimum viable product
  • Stage 5: Winners go through a 12-18 month “Development & Implementation Stage”


All questions regarding the AI Justice Challenge can be sent to

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Respondents’ Meeting: Resources

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