Innovation Challenges

Innovation Challenges

The 2019 #BCTECHSummit provided a unique platform for large organizations to ‘pitch’ the challenges they face to both local and international solution providers.

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Innovation Challenges at the 2019 #BCTECHSummit

The Innovation Challenges were a new element of the 2019 #BCTECHSummit, providing a unique platform for large organizations to ‘pitch’ the challenges they face to both local and international solution providers. This was an opportunity for innovators, entrepreneurs and researchers to connect with big players in the tech industry and in government to potentially solve problems that impact communities across BC and beyond. 

This year, the #BCTECHSummit presented 11 Innovation Challenges under three themed tracks. Learn more about each track and the Challenges they presented:

The Innovation Challenges are no longer accepting new applications.